Avoid dangerous overloads to your power system

Before you install multiple new appliances in your home, are you sure you have enough available power to handle it? Your electrical system doesn't have unlimited power, and adding more appliances could cause an overload. Electrical upgrades might be necessary to increase your power potential.

The experts at DH Electrical Services can work with your fuse box to increase the power in your home. Contact us today to ask about our electrical upgrades in El Paso, TX. 915-474-2002

Power for Your Modern Lifestyle

Get electrical installations and upgrades in El Paso, TX

Are you interested in installing brand-new electrical appliances in your home or business? Hooking up new appliances can be dangerous for someone without experience, especially when you don't have the wiring you need. Call DH Electrical Services for electrical installations in El Paso, TX.

We'll arrive promptly and assess your wiring to decide on the best possible solution. Our most common electrical installations include:

  • Lighting-add light fixtures, security lighting or recess lighting
  • Large appliances-hook up new hot tubs, dryers, washers and more
  • Remodeling-make sure your home addition or exterior landscaping has power installed and ready

Confident in your own electrical knowledge but want extra help from a professional? We also take service calls and offer troubleshooting advice. Call us today for a free estimate on electrical installations in El Paso, TX.

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